Our mission is simple: prepare scholars for college and life - no matter their socioeconomic status, neighborhood, or home life - on the path to college with a real shot at the American Dream.

Sarah and AnisaIn order to accomplish our mission, we need the very best educators who are passionate, knowledgeable, and committed to creating an environment where scholars can become their best selves. We have a diverse team of educators from all walks of life who bring their unique talents and life experiences to their work.

Our team is hard working and relentless towards our goal of providing our scholars an excellent education. At MacDowell, you will work in close collaboration with the rest of the MacDowell staff to share best practices and grow stronger together. MacDowell Preparatory Academy is a school where teachers and staff will grow their careers. At the same time, life requires balance. We also understand that everyone needs time to relax and have fun! Teaching should be a sustainable profession and we actively look for opportunities to support staff achieve balance in all areas of
 their life.

Our work is important, and we are looking for the very best education professionals to join our team. 

MacDowell Preparatory Academy is managed by American Promise Schools and all employment opportunities can be found by visiting the Promise Schools employment page on the link below.