About Us

MacDowell Preparatory Academy is a free, public K-8
school located in Northwest Detroit.

We're on a mission.

Our mission is to provide an excellent education for our scholars, prepare them for college, and restore a tradition of excellence at the MacDowell campus.

Built in 1942, MacDowell Elementary School has served as the backbone of the community for decades. Generations of families have attended MacDowell Elementary and have fond memories of their time as students. Over time, however, the MacDowell campus has been plagued by the similar challenges as the broader Detroit Public School system: declining enrollment, insufficient funds for building maintenance, and economic instability in the surrounding neighborhood.

MacDowell is back on the path to greatness. Effective July 1st, 2016, the MacDowell Board of Directors selected American Promise Schools, one of the most successful education teams in the country, to lead the K-8 public academy. American Promise Schools (APS) currently leads the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy high school and the Voyageur K-12 schools in Detroit.  Last June, 95% of the Jalen Rose students graduated from high school and 100% were accepted to college.  The APS specialty is putting children on the path to college
—the #1 goal they bring to MacDowell.

MacDowell Scholars are successful if they are M.I.G.H.T.Y!

Magnificent Mindset -We remain optimistic in the face of a challenge. Investigative - We approach situations as problem solvers. Get Great Results -We are results driven in every area. Heartfelt Honesty -We speak the truth and display integrity at all times. Team and Family -We work together to achieve our shared outcomes.unYielding Resilience We persevere through challenges.